Congresses 2023


30-31 January: Grandi Langhe 2023


3-4 February: ANDI Torino - 2° memorial Giuseppe Cardaropoli “how to put the patient at the center of the therapeutic project"

15-17 February: FILCTEM CGIL National Congress


3-4 March: The new frontiers of immunotherapy for the treatment of multiple myeloma from theory to practice 

9-11 March: AISG International Congress

13-14 March: International Chair of Philosophy “Jaques Derrida”/Law and Culture

16-17 March: Cities Forum 2023

16-18 March: CORA 2023

30 March - 1 April: Change in cardiology 3.0


3-5 May: 2nd Edition CTO&CHIP

11-13 May: 4th EAS Congress European Aligner Society

18-20 May: 31st Annual Conference IAFP - International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy

22-24 May: 41th EHP Congress 2023, Euroheat & Power

25-27 May: 44th SICV&GIS Congress -  Italian Society of Spine Surgery and Italian Scoliosis Group


1-4 June: Economy festival

6-7 June: International Automotive Body Congress
8-10 June: SISS National Congress

12-15 June: EACR - Annual Congress of the European Association for Cancer Research

15-17 June: 19th SIGLA National Congress

21-23 June: ICSN 2023 - International Cancer Screening Network 
21-23 June: 14th Scientific SOI Days 
26-28 June: Periodic Meeting FUSILLI

26-29 June: ECSAS 27th European Conference on South Asian Studies

28-30 June: National Congress on Mass Spectrometry


5-7 July: National Days of Corrosion and Protection AIM

26-28 Juy: Power2023 - Propagation of Waves, European Researchers in Turin

26-29 July: DFHM - 8th International Conference on Debris-Flow hazard Mitigation

29 July – 5 August: 108th World Esperanto Congress


6-8 September: National Conference of the Italian Anthropology Association

11-15 September: 10th Forum Acusticum

11-15 September: Quantum 2023 – From Foundations of Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Information and Quantum Metrology & Sensing

14-17 September: 20th SINS National Congress - Società italiana Neuroscienze

18-19 September: XII Annual Meeting of the Italian Chapter of the European Society of Biomechanics (ESB-ITA 2023)

18-22 September: IEEE NUSOD Conference

20-22 Semptember: 85th SIML National Congress of occupational medicine

27-29 September: 4th CROSSROAD International Conference


4-7 October: 64th National Congress of SIN Società Italiana di Nefrologia

11-14 October: 17th AIUC National Congress

15-20 October: View Conference

18-21 October: National Congress of the Order of Accountants

18-21 October: National Congress of Professional Order

24-26 October: EFMI STC 2023 “Telehealth ecosystems in practice”

24-28 ottobre: 78th SIP Congress - Società Italiana di Pediatria

26-28 October: 21st SIPeM National Congress (Società Italiana di Pedagogia Medica)


6-8 November: IWEC Annual Conference

6-9 November: MEMRISYS 2023

9-11 November: ECCTD 2023

20 Novembre: Chartered Accountants ICT Conference

22-24 November: Impact week

23-25 November: 44th SIAPAV National Congress