The events restart safely


The Politecnico di Torino has chosen the Pala Alpitour as the reference facility to create a simulation beta test for the re-opening of concerts and big public and private events within a larger document that deals with the theme of re-starting of exhibitions, cultural, social, sporting and entertainment events following the lock-down for the Covid-19 emergency.

The work team has defined standards that take into consideration some key parameters including the type of event, the expected number of spectators, the support staff, the incoming and outgoing crowd movements, the characteristics of the venue where the event takes place, air-filtering processes in relation to the number of people, sanitization, just to name a few.

Then, a series of actions were defined to minimize risk, ranging from the reconfiguration of spaces and their compartmentalisation, from the identification of restricted social groups to limit the possibility of spreading the infection, to health surveillance and contact tracing. To sum up: "Everyone protects everyone". This is the suggestive and effective slogan of the project.

Read the press release (in Italian language).

Download here the full Study (in Italian language).