JULY 2022

The historic track on the roof of the Lingotto, used by the FIAT factory for testing cars, has become  the Pista 500, changing its face and opening up to the world of events. The Pista 500 is now a breathtaking destination for welcome cocktails or events for over 1,000 people.


The surprising roof garden commissioned by FIAT and realised by architects Camerana&Partners with the specialist collaboration of Cristiana Ruspa is a green lung positioned 28 meters over the ground, that includes 40,000 plants and over 300 diverse species. The hanging garden, to be experienced and enjoyed from an eco-sustainable and inclusive perspective, has been enriched by the art project created by Pinacoteca Agnelli. It aims at broadening the experience of one of the most symbolic buildings in the city by turning it into a cultural venue


The interventions on the pista draw on various sculptural languages: audio and environmental installations, light and sound works, video and expanded cinema, as well as sculptures that experiment with urban materials, projects that are functional to the movement of the visitors along the track or that confront industrial architecture.


Social events can also be organised at the FIATCafé500 inside Casa 500. Much more than a car museum, Casa 500 is a journey into the heart of Italy, its culture, and history.

La Pista Restaurant completes the offer with its lounge bar from which to enjoy an exceptional view.


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