The monitoring of the meeting industry in Turin: the pandemic has changed the prospects for a growing 2019


The Covid-19 pandemic has upset the meeting industry in our destination that in recent years had always performed a positive trend. The 2019 facts and figures would also have been really encouraging for the future of the congress sector in Turin: compared to 2018, + 9% the events, + 5% the participants which generated 17,5% of attendance in hotels. 2020 is almost over and in 2021, thanks to the encouraging news about the effectiveness of some vaccines, we hope that our sector will be able to return to activity, even though slowly. Next year, Turin will have a great opportunity by hosting the Nitto ATP Finals, one of the most important international tennis tournaments; in November 2021 and for five consecutive years. The event will be an international showcase and a great opportunity for visibility that will help the event sector.

Download here the 2019 research (in Italian language) carried out by the Graduate School of Economics and International Relations (Aseri–Alta Scuola in Economia e Relazioni Internazionali dell'Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan) and promoted by VisitPiemonte in collaboration with Federcongressi& Eventi.