The curtain has come down on the Nitto ATP Finals, one of the most important tennis tournaments at international level, won this year by Novak Djokovic, and the balance for Torino is more than positive. More than 156 thousand tickets were sold (38% of which were purchased from abroad) with an impact on the territory of about 77 million euro.

The rich programme of collateral events at Casa Tennis (Palazzo Madama) and in the city centre - organised by the City of Torino, the Piemonte Region and the Chamber of Commerce of Torino in cooperation with Turismo Torino e Provincia, Visit Piemonte and Fondazione per la Cultura Torino - also registered excellent results, with a total of 4 thousand attendees, for 104 appointments with 130 speakers, 157 artistic and cultural performances and 46 food and wine tastes of Piedmontese excellence.


On the occasion of the Nitto ATP Finals, the Observatory of Turismo Torino e Provincia submitted over 1,000 qualitative questionnaires to visitors in the city, which outlined the profile of the tourist in Torino during the days of the event. They are tennis followers aged between 26 and 65, with a medium-high level of education (university graduate - high school graduate 83%), whose interests are mainly focused on sport (26%), exhibitions (15%) and music (15%). They came with their family (32%), with the partner (27%), with friends/colleagues (25%) travelling by car (36%), plane (33%), and train (26%).

The analysis, carried out with the University of Torino - Department of Foreign Languages Literature and Modern Cultures, shows that the surveyed sample is characterised by tourists who have come to Torino for the first time (45%) and a significant percentage of those who have already been to the city at least once (44%).

In terms of origin, about 60% of Italian visitors come from Piedmont, Lombardy, Sicily, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna; 40% are foreigners. There is a significant representation from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom, France and Germany, without forgetting a strong presence of Brazilian tourists who were probably in Torino to follow the national football team in the preparation for the World Cup and who have decided to attend some tennis matches. As for the stay, the average stay is three nights or more (44%). The accommodation facilities chosen were 43% hotels and 41% non-hotels.

The city was perceived very positively; adjectives as 'charming, full of life, aristocratic', 'spectacular, elegant, wow!' were recorded by interviewees. More than 50 per cent of the tourists visited at least one museum.

This perception is further confirmed by the overall evaluation of the stay, which stands at 4.4 out of 5. In particular, very positive ratings related to cultural offerings (4.6 out of 5), hospitality (4.5 out of 6) and restaurants (4.4 out of 5).


Photo: Gianluca Platania