Tourists visiting Torino during the Nitto ATP Finals are between 36 and 50 years old with a medium-high level of education (85% graduate / high school diploma) whose interests are mainly focused on culture (43%), sport and nature (21%).

The analysis shows that the interviewed sample is characterized by tourists who were not in Torino for the first time, but who had already been to other times (37%) or who often come to the city (31%). These visitors travelled with family (33%),  in couple (25%) or with friends / colleagues (23%), by car (45%).

The main reason that pushed them to come is the Nitto ATP Finals event (60%) being mostly fans of the ATP circuit.

As far as the stay is concerned, the average stay is 3 nights or more (40%); the preferred accommodation facilities were hotels (43%) but also at friends / relatives’ home (22%) and in apartments for tourist use (20%).

Positive adjectives were given to the city: «beautiful, elegant» and also as a cultural destination, characterized by important artistic treasures. Half of the visitors 60% have visited at least one museum (the Egyptian Museum ranked first). In any case, the tennis tournament was the main attraction that took all of the time.

The level of satisfaction of the holiday in Torino is very good: 88% said they had a positive experience and want to return a second time (95%). This perception is further confirmed by the opinion expressed on the various services of the city which reach a very positive overall evaluation with an average of 4.1 / 5 (cultural offer, hospitality, accommodation, local transport and restaurants).