What has Plato got to do with the success of a conference? In ancient Greece, a symposium was a convivial moment, on the verge of sacredness, during which guests banqueted and discussed the widest range of topics. Today, the staff of Symposium makes any conference a carefully detailed rite, so that participants will have only one thing to think about: the issues they are discussing.
Anno di costituzione: 1993
Via Gozzano 14, 10073 Ciriè (TO)

45.2321697, 7.607808

Total number of employees: 5
Languages spoken by staff: FRENCH, ENGLISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH, GERMAN
Marketing and PR
Hotel management
Financial consulting
Hotel and trasportation management
Tourist programmes
Event planning
Preliminary balance definition
Graphic service management
Continuing Medical Education Management
Scientific contribution management
On-line enrolments
Negotiation of the site and hotel tariffs
Set up and technical services
Social activities
Displays and posters
On-line payments
Management of relationships with speakers
Publishing service management
Final balance definition
On-line abstract management
Administration secretariat
Organization secretariat
Scientific contribution management
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