Cavourese transport company was founded on 14 December 1945 with a single Fiat 626 30-seater bus running on a single line, from Cavour to Pinerolo. Today’s fleet counts more than 150 vehicles for regular service, special factory lines, school buses, special buses for the disabled and rentals with driver. Cavourese has gone a long way from 1945 to today.
Anno di costituzione: 1946
Strada del Drosso, 77, 10100 Torino (TO)

44.7866591, 7.3735816999999

Total number of employees: 119
Languages spoken by staff: ENGLISH, ITALIAN
Buses, Minibuses, Cars. EQUIPMENT OF BUSES: TV, VCR, climate control system, minibar, stereo toilets, uniformed staff. Servicing frequency: every 15000 Km; Cleaning frequency: 7 days (ordinary cleaning) - 18 days (radical cleaning)