In 2011 Torino adopted the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP), defining seven priority strategies, closely linked to each other:
1. Ensure and improve the accessibility of the entire city
2. Ensure universal access throughout the city
3. Improve air quality and the quality of the urban environment
4. Facilitate the use of public transport
5. Ensure the efficiency and safety of the transportation system
6. Manage mobility through information technology systems
7. Communicate and monitor the implementation of the Plan

In 2013 Torino also approved the Cycling Masterplan (Biciplan) whose principal objective is to increase cycling to 15% of all trips less than 5 km while promoting intermodal trips with public transportation.

Future Plans
Turin’s new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan will promote intermodality, strengthen metropolitan public transport, enhance electric and shared mobility as well as cycling and walking, reduce public space dedicated to parking and incentivize smart-working. In addition, it will make urban spaces more liveable in coherence with the vision of the newly revised General Urban Masterplan (currently underway), including more green-infrastructure and safer, more walkable neighborhoods. Some of the main actions will include:
• extension of the underground line 1 by an additional 5.7km
• construction of the underground line 2 by 2028 with 26 km and 33 stations
• completion of the metropolitan rail service (SFM) network.