View Conference 2018


OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni – is hosting 19th View Conference from 22 to 26 October, the Italy’s largest digital media and entertainment conference.

Over 50 international award-winning speakers (Oscar, Bafta, Ves, Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy, and Annie Awards), Hollywood’s grand masters and workshop leaders are presenting their work in visual effects, virtual reality, film scoring and sound, storytelling, art direction, photography, animation, games, and multimedia.

Among the keynote speakers:
Hans Zimmer, composer and record producer known for integrating the electronic musical world with traditional orchestral arrangements, has composed scores for more than 150 films such as The Lion King and the Gladiator. Dennis Muren, Creative Director, Industrial Light & Magicand legendary senior visual effects supervisor, has received nine Academy Awards and 13 Oscar nominations for best visual effects, more than any other visual effects supervisor. He became a VES Fellow in 2010. Mireille Soria, President, Paramount Animation, formerly producer for DreamWorks’ Madagascar Films, now leads Paramount’s animation division.