The Gruppo Gattinoni is born in 1983 based on the passion for travel and events of Franco Gattinoni, Founder and President of the Group. Leisure and business are the two pillars of our activities, aiming at matching the needs of the most demanding customers. We put professionalism, creativity and the search for an unforgettable event on the field. The MICE unit is exclusivity and reliability, the events we create combine creativity and emotion. Our core competences combine four business units together: • INCENTIVE & EVENT are the basis of the organizational foundation of any trip, event, convention and roadshow, so that everything rolls out to perfection. • COMMUNICATION characterized by geometric rationality and lateral thinking build our creative output. • HEALTHCARE is decades of experience and reliable professionalism supporting an industry distinguished by ethics and deontology. • MADE IN ITALY is at the service of foreign companies that want the maximum of Italian style in organizing their events and incentive trips. Gattinoni Business Travel is the division dedicated to business travel, operates from 4 Business Travel Centers ‒ Milan, Monza, Bologna and Rome ‒ with a team of over 100 professionals with proven experience and numerous national and international partnerships, such as the one with ATPI, that are the tools that allow to guarantee an always efficient and constantly evolving service. The Gattinoni Mondo di Vacanze was created with the aim of a long-term business project. Consulting, quality and a team of professionals to support those who love to travel with 3 dedicated product lines to any type of customer: from the best Italian Tour Operators to a technological platform for flights, overnight stays, car rentals and ancillary services up to the products on fit for those who love to travel.
Anno di costituzione: 1983
Via Bertola 23, 10122 Torino (TO)

45.0706211, 7.6791515

Total number of employees: 67
MICE - Business Travel: Air ticket office, Railway ticket office, Naval ticket office, Car rental, Insurance coverage, Hotel reservation – Leisure – Communication - Incoming / Made in Italy – Healthcare - Digital Services