A Royal setting for a royal event. Farewell commonplaces. Welcome to history. Are you looking for the perfect setting for a major press conference? A fashion show? A set for filming or shooting photos? A gala dinner? Whatever your mission, look no further, you have found the ideal location: 10 km from Turin, plunged into a magnificent environmental and architectural context, discover Venaria Reale. It seems almost impossible to be able to step into a new dimension of living so close to a major city, to lose yourself into nature, arts, and history, where all the elements strike a perfect balance and the result is almost unbelievably good. And yet, it is true. La Venaria Reale has one additional asset that is truly invaluable: an incredible variety of locations to suit any event. Just pick the one you find most suitable, and get ready for a memorable experience.The Orangery is available for private events only when there are no temporary exhibitions inside. Because an unforgettable setting makes for unforgettable events.
Construction Year: 1679
Year of last refurbishment: 2007
Piazza della Repubblica, 4, 10078 Venaria Reale (TO)

45.1350635, 7.6256496

Languages spoken by staff: FRENCH, ENGLISH, ITALIAN
Distance from airport in kilometres: 15,0
Distance from motorway turn-off in kilometres: 1,0
Distance from railway station in kilometres: 0,8
Nearest public transport available: bus turistico, 11, 72, Venaria Express
Distance from town centre : 15 km
Display area size
Open air display area (mq): 100,0
Internal conference areas available
Total Number of Rooms: 5
Total Capacity of the Rooms: 2186
Maximum number of seats in the largest room: 1000
Common areas of the conference area
Press room: Yes

Cascina Medici

Total Number of Seats: 99
Surface area (m2): 199,00
Length (m): 16,50
Width (m): 14,50
Ceiling Height (m): 7,40
Capacity Theatre: 99
Type of Chairs: chairs
Type of Table for Speakers: mobile
Type of Room: no subdivisible
General services of room: Disabled access, Fire-fighting devices, Natural daylight, Black-out, Platform/Stage, Emergency exits
Audio equipment: Amplification system, Microphone on speakers’table

Galleria Grande detta "di Diana"

Total Number of Seats: 600
Total Number Standing: 850
Surface area (m2): 712,00
Length (m): 74,80
Width (m): 10,20
Ceiling Height (m): 14,60
Capacity with Round Table: 600
Capacity for Cocktail Party: 850
General services of room: Disabled access, Natural daylight

Rondò Alfieriano

Total Number of Seats: 180
Total Number Standing: 220
Surface area (m2): 260,00
Length (m): 30,00
Width (m): 27,00
Ceiling Height (m): 7,80
Capacity with Round Table: 180
Capacity for Cocktail Party: 220
General services of room: Disabled access, Natural daylight

Cappella di Sant'Uberto

Total Number of Seats: 250
Total Number Standing: 350
Surface area (m2): 300,00
Length (m): 36,00
Width (m): 27,00
Ceiling Height (m): 31,00
Capacity Theatre: 250
Capacity for Cocktail Party: 350
General services of room: Disabled access, Natural daylight


Total Number of Seats: 1300
Total Number Standing: 1300
Surface area (m2): 2644,00
Length (m): 140,00
Width (m): 15,00
Ceiling Height (m): 16,00
Capacity with Round Table: 1300
Capacity for Cocktail Party: 1300
Type of Room: modular