EHP Congress, the most prestigious event on District Heating


JULY 2023

Torino the most district-heated city in Italy and one of the most district-heated metropolises in Europe hosted the 41st Euroheat & Power Congress from 22 to 24 May at the Lingotto Conference Centre. 400 delegates including technicians, operators, companies and associations coming from all over Europe gathered to discuss on the most promising pathways for District Heating & Cooling decarbonisation, spurring local change for global impact. In fact, the increasing development of this system allows an important containment of pollutant emissions associated with the non-industrial combustion sector (mainly heating) generated in the urban areas.

Climate change, energy security, urban densification, energy poverty, the world is changing and brings along new challenges for industry and policy makers. With over 75% of the world’s population living in cities, making urban areas smarter, more sustainable and resilient is a pre-requisite to deliver more prosperous societies. The demand for local and sustainable heating sources has never been higher, and the growing need for cooling in hot summer days is evident across the globe.

The EuroHeat and Power Congress 2023 highlighted the advancements in digitalization, transparency, and sustainability in the District Heating and Cooling sector. With a focus on consumer engagement, affordability, and tailored strategies for country-specific dynamics, the event emphasized the industry’s commitment to shaping a sustainable future.