Pop in Torino



Pop in the City arrived in Torino. This is an urban tourist raid through the heart of European cities, now in its 40th edition.

On 23 September, 600 participants, mostly women, from France competed in 32 races and activities, divided into 5 categories: art, sport, extreme, culture and solidarity. 10 values characterised the raid: Tolerance and Solidarity between competitors and local people; Respect and Preservation of the environment and cultural heritage; Parity and Equality of gender and opportunity; Courage and Perseverance in following one's dreams to the limit; Curiosity and Open-mindedness for cultural differences and tourist attractions of the destinations.

The variety of challenges that our territory offered was really wide: rowing on the Po river, dancing vertically on the walls of the Museo della Montagna, performing aerial acrobatics with the Circo Flic gymnastics school, becoming a mermaid for a day (swimming and water games with mermaid tail) as far as sport is concerned; creation of the posters of Mole Anonelliana - the monumental symbol of Torino - with ancient presses at the Medieval Village, treasure hunts at the Museo Egizio, creation of a pottery face at Musei Reali for art and culture-themed challenges; tastings and games to discover typical local food and wine such as gianduiotto, Pinguino, Vermouth and coffee at the Lavazza Museum. And finally, CSR activities with local associations and cooperatives. Lots of unusual experiential and memorable activities suitable for your team building groups and corporate events.

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