View Conference, the best of digital entertainment



From 15 to 20 October, the OGR hosted View Conference, a world-class international event on computer graphics, interactive techniques, digital cinema, 3D animation, gaming and VFX. Six full days of panels, workshops and masterclasses brought together 500 industry professionals including Oscar winners and the ten directors of the year's top-grossing animated films.

A few names: the five-time Oscar winner Joe Letteri (Avatar: The Way of Water); Mark Ulano a production sound mixer best known for his Oscar-winning sound work on “Titanic” and and his work with some of our most creative film directors - Martin Scorseseas well as his creative collaboration with Quentin Tarantino for 26 years; several exceptional speakers such as Giacomo Mineo (Visual Effects Supervisor, Oppenhimer), Glenn Pratt (Production VFX Supervisor, Barbie), Doug Chiang (Vice President and Executive Creative Director, Lucasfilm, Star Wars), Joaquim Dos Santos (Director, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse), the Oscar-winning John Gaeta on the original Matrix trilogy and Nimona directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane along with ND Stevenson, author, illustrator and co-producer of the film.